Tone? Bullshit?

How do you start? It’s the blank page scenario. The block. In this case the literal block – an editing block. How to set the tone? How to make that first move?

The eternal dilemma.

I’ve spent days faffing, procrastinating, pondering the detail of whether a header image should say something, you know, something deep. That’s what we’re supposed to be, deep; but in a meaningful, beautiful, shiny way obviously. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ as they say.

But is that the bullshit way? The ignore all my dodgy bits, everything is effortless and hasn’t ever felt like pulling teeth way?
Life’s not like that though is it. Even when you have been involved in the creative field for over 20 years. Creativity, when it comes to your own I find, isn’t the shiny photoshopped version that flows unabated. It’s like trying to shit a brick. A hard difficult push that feels like you’ll never get anything out and you feel like you never will again; until suddenly you do. The relief is immense and joyous, everything is as it should be – until the next brick needs to come out…

I try not to do bullshit. There’s plenty of that around already. However I do like to examine life, people and the creative process. Try and understand, both in relation to me but also to the world. Ponder the why. Especially the why.

So how to set the tone?

Use a picture of a dirty floor, question everything, try not to swear too much, and most importantly?

Tell it as it is.

I am northern after all.

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